1 week away

So I’m feeling guilty… real guilty.  Last post was my two-fer Tuesday.  Since then I’ve done only 2 workouts and gave myself Friday off… which I had not originally planned on doing.  Wednesday after 10 hours at work, I thought it was a good idea to go for a 20 mile bike ride then 15 minute run.  Impromptu brick anyone??  Even with some G-rade on the ride and before the Run, I still BONKED when I got home after the run.   I had some good old fashioned pasta for dinner at 9:30 pm and was ready for bed.  I slept so hard that night that I had no idea what was going on the next morning when my alarm went of– mass confusion.

Somehow made it to the pool Thursday night, out of sheer determination to only have very uninspired swimming.  I promptly got out at 1600y and chalked it up to a recovery day.

Friday was supposed to run after work with my roommate who’s training for a number of thing, mainly a 70.3 in July, but more closely the Olympic Distance the same weekend as my sprint.   Took a quick nap on the couch –  then came the RAIN.  not just mild rain, but DOWN POUR.  It didn’t let up until probably 10 pm.  Brian went to the YMCA to run the treadmill and kindly offered his guest pass to me to do the same.  My general exhaustion from the week and severe disdain for the Treadmill could not pull me off the couch.  Was not planning on  having a Friday off, but alas there it was.  I slept probably 10 hours last night and but I needed every minute of it.  Maybe I shouldn’t feel guilty after all??

“Lie in our Graves” Dave Matthews Band


8 more days of training to go.

2-fer Tuesday = success.

Starting with the swim at the Michigan Natatorium – Jumped in with an unofficial masters group of local Ann Arbor guys who were former high school or college swimmers and meet every week day at 11 to do a workout.  today I was able to join in and not drown too much!  did easy 300 w/u, 4×200 swim on 3:10 (long course) 10×50 on 1:05, getting out and diving in each one.  last 400 easy with some kick and head up polo swim mixed in.  not too shabby.

After lunch I finally found what will be my new top for upcoming race, trying to find a good pic of it online, and still working on figuring out how up load some pics.  hang in there…

the 2nd part of the day was dreaded.  left the apartment stating I was getting in my weekly dose of humility.  meaning only 1 thing.  track practice and the Moms.  I joined Ann Arbor Track Club as a way to get some speed in my running and I usually get showed up by a couple of ladies i lovingly refer to as “the moms.”  They can kick my ass and all i ever want to do is keep up.  I usually use so much energy just trying to keep up on the first few repeats that i’m dead by the end and can’t even keep up with the 60 yr old men.  What kind of athlete am I??

Today was a good turn out for practice and saw the couple of moms.  the workout: 5×800’s  on regular outdoor 400 meter track, that meant 2 times around then rest with 1 easy lap around.  my goal: 7 min mile pace, so looking to stay in the  3:20-3:30 / 800 pace.  This time I let the mom’s take off and I hung back with the old guys.  probably my best idea yet.  staying easy on the first 1 made the others not too bad. AND i stayed up with them, only about 5 sec of so back.  averaged 3:25 for all 5 and all with in the original pacing.  I actually left practice feeling pretty good about things and that I’m starting to come around.   Mileage for the day: 5.5m ish.  Its about 1.5 to the track from the house + workout + jog back.

swam with “Punk Rock Princess” by Something Corporate in my head

Finally took a day off.

One would think I would use this time for things such as figuring my up coming workout, how I’d like to be pacing said workouts, maybe some nutritional thought, or even some shopping for gear.  Nope.  None of the above.  Monday night was spent doing absolutely nothing…nothing short of awesome!  true rest day indeed to get ready for my hard day today.  Swim in the AM Run in the Evening–gearing up for a nice ass kicking.

Easy like Sunday morning. 13 days till go time.

Woke up this morning with a slight headache… most likely due to the fact that I had been out for the first time in months last night.  Made plans that night to meet up with everyone in the morning for an easy Sunday 4 mile recovery run.  I was recovering from my brick workout and the others ran about 8 miles the day before.  My hamstrings promptly reminded me of how unhappy they were from the previous workout.  DOMS anyone?  10:30 came around and met up with my friends.  all were feeling good by then.  Perfect day (sunny and 65 thank you!) for a jog, and thats really what it was.  Good conversation was carried out the whole time between the 4 of us and next thing I knew, my hamstrings had forgiven me and loosened up.  Thank goodness.  Success all around.

No real motivational song, but I did listen to some Ben Folds Five “battle of who could care less” on my walk over to Matt and Jill’s

And Thats why they call it a BRICK

Change of plans. No track workout tonight. Worse.

Roommate is going on a 3 hour bike ride and I am in desperate need of actual road time.  I hate going by myself — I’m not comfortable with the best places to ride here.    So, I sprang at the chance to have someone ride with and it was better than I had originally anticipated and decided it would be a good time to get a brick workout in.  Though I’m still deathly afraid of being hit by a car or thrown over the M-14 overpass even as Brian swears its physically impossible.

So, 30 min out then back for about 16.5 miles with a 3 min or so transition at home to get the running shoes on. then comes the real pain, (and no, I didn’t get thrown over the M-14 overpass)  try running after a bike workout. your legs are as heavy as BRICKS. so aptly named this specific workout that includes a short run after a bike workout. Its to get you ready and prepared for the real pain on race day, but it still sucks none the less. I never feel more like a Sunday runner than when I have to run just 15 minutes after my bike. Thank god I’m rewarding myself with some good company and beer at the Peak.

What got me through it: “take me out” Franz Ferdinand

Week in review:5/9-5/14

Exactly 2 weeks to go.

Well, it started off a bit shaky: weekend was a bust.  Somehow managed to take Friday and Saturday off and started back up on a 50 min run Sunday– after a 3 hour brunch!  not recommended unless you want to feel nauseated the entire time.  Monday was a bust as well  and didn’t get re-vamped until Tuesday.  Tuesday though brought out a re-newed spirit for training.  Morning Swim of 2grand and evening bike on the trainer for about 45 min.  Wednesday I finally got back out on the road for about 55 min –  little speed work along the way.  Can’t believe on Thursday I passed up happy hour with some co-workers to get my 2nd swim in of the week…. AFTER I had already done a 30 min run on my lunch hour.  WTF?  So against anything I stand for normally, as I LOATHE swimming after all my time spent in the pool in my previous life.  Got a number of nasty comments from long-time friends of how I’ve changed.  I haven’t changed, I just want to be FAST!   These Michigan Ladies take their TRI’s seriously and I need to step up my game.  Easy 30 min spin on the bike last night.

Getting mentally prepared for my first long bike ride on the road and BRICK of the season.  Crap, I hope I don’t kill myself.  If still alive, tonight you’ll find me at my favorite watering hole, Dominicks and tomorrow I’ll be at the U of M track doing some 800’s….

http://www.trifind.com/re_11436/IslandLakeTriathlon.html exactly 2 weeks today!  EEK!

Song for the week: “The Whole World” Outkast

2 fer Thursday – 22 days to go

With Cinco De Mayo come and 4 margarita’s gone no workout was done.  I have 22 more days to get ready for my sprint triathlon the end of the month.  Somehow managed to get in a quick 32 min. fartlek run during my lunch hour then 2200y swim at the pool after work .  Nothing exciting, but at least I think my swimming is finally coming along… took a whopping 39 minutes.  Those 100’s pull sucked..

Suzapaluza: “shake it” metro station